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The 10 best Succession episodes - ever

30 May, 2023

Succession has just ended, so which episodes stand out as the best of the bunch from the four seasons?

10. Church and State - Season 4, Episode 9

Logan is boxed and delivered to his funeral. But even dead, he isn't spared criticism. Ewan, his brother, delivers a bitter eulogy - Kendall is more kind. We hear both the good and the bad. For the polarising patriarch, it's a fitting goodbye.

9. Hunting. Season 2, Episode 3

Boar on the floor. Need we say more?

8. Too Much Birthday - Season 3, Episode 7

On his 40th birthday, Kendall goes from an insufferable smart-ass with a shit-gobbling grin to a sensitive, broken mess. It's all the shades of Kendall in one episode.

7. Prague - Season 1, Episode 8

Hilarity ensues at Tom's stag do, which takes place in an underground nightclub in an abandoned NY railyard (it would have been a boys’ trip to Prague, but Roman couldn’t be bothered to organise it). It's at this nightclub that Tom tells Greg, who has just snorted a big line of cocaine, to “buckle up fucklehead.”

6. Retired Janitors of Idaho - Season 3, Episode 5

A hugely funny hour of TV; backstage at a shareholder's conference, Logan has forgotten to take his meds and is losing touch with reality. His team scramble to save the show and juggle Logan’s increasingly bizarre demands.

5. Which Side Are You On? Season 1, Episode 6

The first truly excellent Succession episode sees Logan facing a no-confidence vote. Kendall, who is behind the mutiny, is running late in traffic, allowing his father to scare the board back on side. In what will become a running theme throughout the show, Kendall manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

4. With Open Eyes - Season 4, Episode 10

When the credits roll on Succession’s concluding episode, you’re left with the impression that it had always been building to this; that it could never have ended any other way. There's no higher praise.

3. This Is Not For Tears - Season 2, Episode 10

Kendall is Logan’s servant for much of season 2, but when he’s asked to take the fall for Waystar crimes and go to jail, he rebels. An exciting twist ending gets the pulse racing - and Logan’s reaction to the betrayal is nothing short of magnificent.

2. Conor’s Wedding - Season 4, Episode 3

The episode in which Logan dies will go down as one of the most dramatic in television. We’ve been building to this point for 30-plus hours, yet when it finally happens, it takes everyone by surprise (viewer included).

1. Nobody Is Ever Missing - Season 1, Episode 10

Kendall has never been closer to beating his father and taking control; then a waiter goes missing from Shiv and Tom's wedding and everything changes. Logan connects the dots and systematically breaks Kendall's spirit. As Kendall sobs in his father's arms, Logan murmurs sweet nothings with reptilian menace.

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